Care and Use

Care and Use

Epoxy resin is a plastic and heat can make resin pliable. If this does happen, reshape item and allow to harden away from heat source. Avoid direct sunlight. 

Sharp or abrasive items will scratch resin surfaces.

Items have been coated with a UV resistant resin, but can yellow over time

Trays with metal handles may not be able to bear the weight of heavier items and are more for decorative purposes. Store trays on flat surface. 

Do not cut on decorated surfaces or trays. Cutting on wooden area will most likely leave scratches in the wood.

Items have been coated with a food safe resin over decorated area (trays, boards). As a disclaimer, it is best to avoid PROLONGED contact with food items.

Wipe item with a non-abrasive cloth. Resin is water resistant. It is best to wipe item with diluted mild soap and water and dry thoroughly. Do not place in dishwasher. 

Serving boards and bowls can be conditioned with mineral oil after cleaning by adding a small amount to a clean, damp cloth.